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Over the next 20 years Defence anticipates spending in the order of $AUD 100 Billion on guided weapons. Current foreign based supply chain vulnerabilities and increasingly unstable geopolitical factors, have lead to a requirement for Australia to rapidly expand its domestic guided weapons manufacturing capabilities.

An Australian sovereign guided weapons enterprise will need:

  • Missile assembly, test and verification
  • Flexible & adaptive manufacturing systems (e.g Industry 4.0)
  • Seeker component production (e.g. RADAR & Imaging Infra-Red)
  • Guidance & Control component production
  • Rocket motor production
  • Warhead production
  • Fuze production (precision electro-mechanical)
  • Energetic materials production (primary/secondary explosives)
  • Metal parts fabrication (high strength / high tolerance)
  • Composite parts fabrication (high strength / high tolerance)
  • Research and development (Industry / Defence / Academia)
  • Hypersonic R&D
  • Testing ranges for LAT and FAT (including maritime ranges)
  • Storage/transport/logistics/infrastructure
  • Aerospace / defence grade materiel supply
  • Computer simulation modelling for weapon danger areas
  • Support equipment & container manufacture
  • Electronics manufacture (robust, mil spec)
  • Safety Critical software development
  • Complex Supply Chain Management
  • AS9100 Quality Management Systems
  • Robust & Adaptive Control design
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Technology education and skills training