Our Goals

The Australian Missile Corporation (AMC) has established a collaboration of leading Australian companies as the core of the guided weapons enterprise. This team will deliver sovereign manufacturing capability and enabling services to whatever guided weapon family is chosen by the Australian Government for domestic manufacture. It will be available for all guided weapons OEMs as a pre-positioned and ready Australian capability, growing its capability and expertise through a focused program of support and workshare.

Additionally, the AMC will:

  1. Support all team members with enabling services including compliance and licensing, secure storage, DISP-accredited transport, import/export.

  2. Support hazardous goods manufacture at NIOA’s Benalla Munitions Facility through appropriate teaming arrangements as exemplified by the Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions Joint Venture.

  3. Establish new, solution-agnostic manufacturing facilities and the skilled workforce necessary to produce:

    1. The most complex of rocket motors necessary to support the enterprise.

    2. The largest and most complex of warhead variants.