Our Goals

The Commonwealth Government has outlined the objectives for Australia’s future GWEO Enterprise -

  • maximise lethal capability from our current missile stocks
  • build our own manufacturing base in Australia to enhance self-reliance and supply chain resilience for GWEO;
  • protect Intellectual Property (IP), Technical Data (TD) and sensitive technology owned by domestic and international sources;
  • deliver whole-of-nation enhancements across not just manufacturing but also maintenance, infrastructure, research and development and test and evaluation.
  • appropriately manage risk to the Commonwealth and achieve value for money.

The AMC is a collaboration platform, selected by Defence, through which Australian industry, academia and Government will unite to deliver these outcomes. Building an effective, sustainable and sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise centred on acceleration of sovereign capability, responsiveness to ADF needs, and efficient and resilient supply.

We aim to deliver sovereign manufacturing capability and enabling services for Defence’s selected guided weapons family.

If required by the Commonwealth of Australia, AMC intends to establish new, multi-tenant manufacturing facilities and the skilled workforce necessary for domestic production of guided weapons.