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Welcome to the Team Karagozian & Case and Wilson Hammond Group

27 August 2021

Karagozian & Case (K&C) is an internationally recognised science and engineering consulting firm founded in 1945, that specialises in Protective design, modelling and simulation, applied research and development and material testing. K&C’s mission is focused on solving technically complex and challenging problems using state-of-the-art testing, analytic, and design methodologies that the company has developed over their more than 75 years of being in business. K&C’s unique position allows them to leverage technologies developed through applied research and testing, and to provide practical design, software, or product solutions to challenging real-world problems. Given their unique access to test data and emerging analytical capabilities, K&C offers their clients the latest technologies to quantify and mitigate known and evolving threats.  

Wilson Hammond Group (WHGroup) are a veteran owned, sovereign Australian SME, who have operated for 10 years providing specialist engineering and advisory support to the Defence Department and wider government. WHGroup specialises in areas including Mine Warfare and Countermeasures, SCEC Security Advisory, Synthetic Warfare, Platform Engineering (Maritime and Aviation), ILS, Systems Engineering and Weapons Systems Engineering. WHGroup hold ITAR RSAT, Export Control, are DISP Members and DSS Panel Members. They well placed to provide highly specialised advice from concept to completion to the proposed missile program. WHGroup provides extensive domain knowledge and experience to any challenges or issues that may arise.

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