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Welcome to the Team BG&E and Blink Technology

12 July 2021

Robert Johnson, Chairman of BG&E, said "BG&E is happy to partner with AMC in designing the new structures and production facilities needed to make the sovereign guided weapons enterprise a reality. Our approach is to work with our clients to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their project and believe that the best results are achieved when the engineering team, the client and the builder work collaboratively, from the inception of the design through to the completion of construction." BG&E is united by a common purpose and belief that truly great engineering takes curiosity, bravery and trust, and is the key to creating extraordinary built environments. BG&E's highly-skilled teams in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, design and deliver engineering solutions for clients in the Property, Transport, Defence, Ports and Marine, Water and Resources sectors. From structural engineering to façade design, from civil engineering to materials testing, and beyond to transport planning, hydrology and digital engineering, to name a few – BG&E’s expertise is characterised by technical brilliance, innovation and buildability.

Blink Technology brings together scientific imaging capabilities from around the globe to the Australian market. Blink Technology specialises in High Speed Imaging, IR Imaging, Digital Image Correlation and Motion Analysis. Liam Aggett, General Manager of Blink Technology, said "We are looking forward to partnering with the AMC and contributing our expertise in high speed cameras and digital image correlation software to the sovereign guided weapons enterprise."

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