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Welcome to the Team archTIS, ARDworks and PEPworldwide (Australia)!

23 July 2021

archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9) is a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information. The company’s award-winning data-centric information security solutions protect the world’s most sensitive content in government, defence, supply chain, enterprises and regulated industries through attribute-based access and control (ABAC) policies. archTIS products include Kojensi, a multi-government certified platform for the secure access, sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified information; and NC Protect for enhanced information protection for file access and sharing, messaging and emailing of sensitive and classified content across Microsoft 365 apps, Dropbox, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares.

ARDworks Advisory is an veteran owned Australian Defence SME that helps companies win Defence Business. ARDworks recognises that even though companies within a supply chain possess great capabilities, they are at times not 'ready' to do business with Defence or Primes. ARDworks is ready to provide a range of services to uplift supply chain capacity (business improvement, strategic advice etc) to meet the requirements of the Guided Weapons & Explosive Ordnance Enterprise.  

PEPworldwide develops individual efficiency (getting more done with least effort) and effectiveness (doing more of the right things), enabling staff to work smarter. PEPworldwide solutions have been shown to be a vital part of the strategy implementation in high performing organisations. PEPworldwide's solutions are delivered via a combination of workshops and coaching based methodology. This approach instils productivity practices which enable participants to get more important things done, ensuring all activities are aligned to their objectives and reflect the organisation’s vision and business goals; which in turn lead to achieving greater overall performance, and immense time and cost savings.

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