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The Australian Missile Corporation is pleased to welcome the teams from Stella Engineering and Deco Australia

30 June 2021

Stella Engineering is a privately owned manufacturing company based on the New South Wales, Central Coast. With over 15 years of operation under their belt, their expertise is both broad and deep, covering defence, mining, medical, electronics, transport, and performance automotive. Stella Engineering's expansive capability in precision engineering extends from design and development to prototyping, validation, manufacture, and assembly. Michael Woodcock, Managing Director of Stella Engineering, said "We offer advanced manufacturing services to clients across Australia and around the world. Our flexible operations cater to a wide variety of industries for manufacture of precision components with a strong focus on quality and reliability. Stella Engineering supports the Government's vision for the Defence industrial base and is keen to contribute to this national effort."

Ross Doonan, CEO of Deco Australia, said "We are happy to partner with the AMC and are ready to provide Australian-made coating solutions to enhance sovereign industrial capabilities. We look forward to working closely with Defence and fellow members of the AMC network to achieve the Government's strategic intent." DECO Australia are providers of a variety of protective coatings and surface finishing solutions, including their unique range of DecoUltra ZD hard anodised finishes, as well as anodising, Teflon coating, ceramic coating, sublimation technology for maximum image retention, pre-treatment, chromate conversion and other specialty finishes. DECO have in-house testing facilities and test all their finishes to a variety of Australian and International standards, including MIL SPEC and Qualicoat. DECO are also able to create custom duplex finishes and specialised production lines to meet specific customer requirements.

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