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The AMC is pleased to welcome Lightning Protection International and ECLIPS Logistics to the collaboration!

20 July 2021

Lightning Protection International (LPI) seeks to contribute to the sovereign guided weapons enterprise by providing facility and site-wide protection from lightning strikes, power disturbances and electrical safety. They are internationally recognised for their innovative and cost-effective lightning protection, earthing, and surge protection products and offer a range of consultant services from earth testing, design and evaluation to lightning protection design and risk assessments. Operating from their main headquarters in Hobart, Tasmania, LPI have received a number of highly coveted export and design awards, have a strong presence within relevant Australian and international standards organizations and have authored numerous international peer reviewed technological papers.

ECLIPS Logistics is an Australian veteran-owned and operated Logistics Engineering business providing Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services to improve customer supply chain performance. With a focus on digital supply chains, ECLIPS Logistics develops products, services, processes, and technology to increase productivity, performance, and safety across customer’s equipment fleets and logistics operations. ECLIPS Logistics has established a supply chain for specialist Unique Item Identifier (UII), Unique Identification (UID), Automated Identification Technology (AIT), Vehicle Information Management Systems (VIMS), Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) products and services across a wide range of technologies.

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