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Romar Engineering and Willyama Services join the AMC Collaboration

13 July 2021

Alan Lipman, CEO of Romar Engineering said "We have core strengths in metal additive manufacturing, fluid and motion control solutions, and high performance plastics for mission critical applications. All of these would be of direct benefit to a sovereign guided weapons enterprise and we are excited to partner with the AMC in building a resilient supply chain for the long term." Romar Engineering is a 100% owned and operated Australian company providing scalable manufacturing solutions to the Biomedical, Space, Defence, Industrial, Consumer Goods, and Transportation sectors. Romar is a full solutions provider from requirements gathering, through conceptual design, manufacturing, test, and on to serial production.

Kieran Hynes, Indigenous Founder and Managing Director of Willyama Services, said “We are proud to partner with the AMC in the development of a sovereign guided weapons enterprise in Australia as our mission is to ‘Make a Difference’. Our Vision is to create Australia’s largest 100% Indigenous and veteran-owned IT and cybersecurity business supporting the Australian National Interest. Currently, 25% of our staff are Indigenous and 20% veterans, which means we have partly achieved our goal by being the largest Indigenous employer of Indigenous IT staff nationally.” Willyama Services is 100% Aboriginal and Veteran owned. Willyama specialises in Cybersecurity and Enterprise IT providing advice and assistance to multiple government agencies, private sector organisations and small businesses. Willyama's diverse team has a wealth of knowledge in solving complex problems and securing organisations against an ever-increasing threat landscape. They live and breathe classified environments, standards, frameworks, and compliance. Willyama maintain a highly qualified and skilled Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Services workforce that will work with their customers to achieve all desired customer outcomes, security integrity and maintaining corporate systems.

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