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Great to have Safety Management Services and 3D MetalForge join the AMC Team

1 September 2021

Safety Management Services (SMS) is a recognized leader in applying systematic risk assessment and management principles to manufacturing, processing, transport and handling, demilitarization, facility decontamination, and site remediation involving Propellant, Explosives, and Pyrotechnics (PEP), materials and ingredients. SMS' risk management expertise coupled with their classification/characterization expertise uniquely qualify them to assist in identifying risk mitigating solutions based on sound engineering and safety principles. SMS has become a recognized leader in testing strategies used to characterize PEP substances and articles to facilitate accurate risk assessment and mitigation.

3D MetalForge offers complete end-to-end additive manufacturing services including 3D printing of metallic, plastic, and carbon fibre parts. 3D MetalForge’s services include auditing/diagnostics of parts inventories, 3d digital scanning, secure digital library, engineering-design services and printing of parts using a wide range of in-house additive manufacturing technologies. 3D MetalForge is able to provide a dedicated ‘zero mile’ supply chain consisting of on-site  provision of equipment, processes, operatives, training and a customised digital library. Since its founding in Singapore in 2012, 3D MetalForge has provided services to Defence organisations and expanded its operations to Houston, USA and Perth, Australia.  

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