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Australian Missile Corporation and the Queensland Defence Science Alliance join forces

7 July 2021

Congratulations to the CEO of NIOA and the Australian Missile Corporation (AMC), Mr Robert Nioa who was recently appointed as a Director on the Queensland Defence Science Alliance (QDSA) Board.

Through this role, Rob will work with the Chair of the QDSA, Lieutenant General (Ret’d) John Caligari and Executive Director, Professor Cara Wrigley to drive industry led research across the defence sector with a particular focus on guided weapons.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement in late March to create a sovereign guided weapon enterprise, the AMC was formed to enable strong collaboration across industry, academia, state governments and defence – and the QDSA and AMC collaboration is no better example of this. The collaborative power of some of the sharpest multi-disciplinary minds across seven leading Queensland Universities, industry partners, government and Defence, the QDSA focusses on sovereign collaboration and innovation to accelerate Defence’s capability edge.

AMC QDSA Join Forces 2