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AMC would like to welcome Penten and MMC Learning and Development to the Team!

31 August 2021

Penten is an Australian owned and operated cyber technology company in Canberra, employing more than 130 people dedicated to delivering high-assurance innovation technologies to Defence and national security agencies. Penten is driven by a need to secure Australia's information sovereignty to ensure an enduring, interoperable and self-reliant advantage. Penten strongly believes this advantage can be achieved by unlocking Australia’s intellectual knowledge, creative thinking and passion to solve the most complex and difficult problems we face as a nation. Penten's pedigree is highlighted in the AltoCrypt Stik (approved for use by ASD) to deliver secure remote information exchange in a dynamically changing environment. 

MMC Learning and Development (MMCLD) is a 100% Australian owned and operated full service Training provider focusing on Defence and Defence Industry since 1995. MMCLD offers a range of service solutions designed and developed to support individual and organisational learning requirements. They have a unique ability to translate and link learning, knowledge and business requirements to learning practices and technology options, creating leading-edge solutions from technology available in the marketplace. Today, MMCLD works with Defence and Defence Industry to provide training solutions accessible from CAMPUS’ Learning Management System, ADELE, and deployable training applications that sit outside Defence infrastructure where required. MMCLD is excited to be supporting a key and critical sovereign capability initiative with an exciting range of other Australian companies.

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